Rose Rushbrooke

Outsider Artist: Beadwork, Textiles, Paintings

Queen Bee and Swarm, beaded sculpture. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.
Queen Bee and Swarm

Queen Bee and Swarm

Astonishingly this piece has been selected for the opening exhibition ‘Wings & Stings‘ at the Museum of Beadwork in Portland, Maine.

My cup runneth over, and bees sting.

Ammonite Pendant

A speriment! Yes you can bead embroider around an ammonite, even with concave curves.

This is embroidered with glass seed beads, and to finish. a dangly chain. The bail is large enough to take most chains or just keep it on the neckwire.

Covid 19 - White Rose. Bead Embroidered using a variety of glass beads, crystals, pearls, and cabochons. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Covid 19 – White Rose

Covid 19 – White Rose by Rose Rushbrooke 2021For more images of this piece and information on how it was made go here.Back in February …
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Here We Go Again

A new decade, a new website.From learning how to code a simple html website to uploading an e-Commerce WordPress site took 21 years and it …
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Talking of Hand Quilting

Which I was a few posts ago, I wanted to take this subject a bit further.Hand quilting tutorials seem to be few and far between on …
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Why I Hand Quilt

When I first joined a quilting Guild, back in 1997, I thought “these people are CURAYZE to spend thousands of hours making lines of tiny stitches. Just …
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beading hearts

You know I’m old in some ways –
in others – well, I’m just a little girl.
I like sunshine and pretty things
and cheerfulness – and I dread

F Scott Fitzgerald