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Joyce Carrier – Artist

Fifteen by Joyce Carrier

Long, long time ago/I can still remember …

Erm – from American Pie, a song by Don McLean. If you remember when it came out then you are as old as I am.

Point being – I knew Joyce, a long, long time ago. Back when I lived in Virginia and I was a newly imported Brit to the Land of the Free etc. Did not know a soul, except my husband and a couple of his work colleagues.

What to do? I had heard about quilt guilds, where crazy folks stitched little bits of fabric together. Perhaps I should check ’em out and make some friends?

I did.

And spent the next 10 years making some interesting quilts (which were looked upon with suspicion by the traditional quilters), and making some interesting friends. Joyce being one of them.

When I first met her she was looking for a path forward. Her children were growing up and away, her husband had a demanding job, and she has a creative spirit. Which eventually translated itself into these surrealistic artworks. I am so proud of her. She went from unsure novice, to an Associates Degree at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, to a person who teaches at some of the top venues in America, shows and wins at some of the top exhibitions, and now has a serious solo show at the McLean Textile Gallery in Virginia. (Oh, I am so besotted with my clever song writer and gallery connection). And I am besotted with Joyce’s steadiness and growth.

Joyce Carrier - exhibition invitation

Much of her work revolves around her family and surroundings. She takes many photos and often works in series. The rainbow lorikeet Fifteen above was based on a photo taken at the Nashville Zoo.

And there’s more:

Singing Vole by Joyce Carrier
Singing Vole by Joyce Carrier

November 2014
This piece was created for the Inspired by the National Parks collection. Joyce chose to represent Kobuk Valley National Park in Alaska.
There really is a little creature called a singing vole.

Simon Cow by Joyce Carrier
Simon Cow by Joyce Carrier

April 2019
Simon Cow was created from a photo of a cow in the field behind Joyce’s home.

Sheep by Joyce Carrier
Sheep by Joyce Carrier

Just a fun piece….a play on words, Joyce was supposed to do a small piece about the weather. She did this…..

(Note from Ed: personally I am stunned by this piece. It’s up there with “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”.)

HeLa Cells by Joyce Carrier

November 2016
This piece was created for the Herstory collection honoring women who have made a significant contribution to the world. This one is to honor Henrietta Lacks who unknowingly supplied replicating cancer cells which became a line of cells that have been used in laboratories all over the world and has allowed many medical breakthroughs. The image of her cells is in the public domain….so this is a fairly accurate interpretation of HeLa Cells.

Eleanor and Bramble by Joyce Carrier
Eleanor and Bramble by Joyce Carrier

The little girl is Joyce’s daughter’s niece by marriage.

Dunn by Joyce Carrier
Dunn by Joyce Carrier

July 2016
This piece was created from a photo Joyce took of one of the lions at the National Zoo in Washington DC. She used only Cherrywood Fabrics to create this piece for the Lion King collection, which traveled the US for two years to various quilt shows and other venues.

Blue Suede Shoes by Joyce Carrier
Blue Suede Shoes by Joyce Carrier

This was created for the Inspired By Elvis collection and is still out traveling to quilts shows and other venues.
She hypothesized….“well, who COULD step on his blue suede shoes?”

To see Joyce’s artist talk go here.