Peach and Grey needlecase free beading pattern


Free pattern for peach and grey beaded wooden needlecase. Peyote stitch beadweaving.

We have it!


Late to the party. Beaded wooden needlecases have been popular for a while. I have only now discovered how addictive they are to make. Specially when you design your own patterns. This one is inspired by an Art Deco design. And just think, every single bead has been woven together!

If you would like to made this wooden beaded needlecase yourself, download the free PDF pattern below.

The lid has a glass bead in the center, matching the ones in the fringe.

The lid pattern fits the body.

You can download a free copy of this pattern. Change the colours to suit yourself, add your own embellishment. A fringe, a special bead on the top or a cluster of beads.