Toho Triangles Necklace


Toho Triangles Necklace

We have it!


Just managed to snag one of the last few packages of beads offered by Toho at their Bead & Button Show booth in 2015. Really like the deep teal colours in the collection which are nicely set off with gold seed beads.

The idea is to design a piece using these beads plus maybe a focal bead or a clasp.

Very wearable necklace – in fact it goes with just about anything in my wardrobe. Might work for you too?

As per usual I faffed about fiddling with completely worthless and unworkable designs trying to be clever. I guess you have to make all the rubbish to get to the good stuff? Then I settled down and made a simple herringbone rope with a strung triangular pendant. The clasp is a cubic right angle weave covered magnet. Darn but those magnets are strong. I always steer clear of them as I think they are dangerous (as in coming apart easily and bingo, there goes your necklace). But no, they are tough little critters.

See what we all came up with on the Toho Challenge page.

18″ long.