Orange You Blue Necklace


Orange You Blue Necklace

We have it!


One blustery, wet weekend a pile of us went to Cannon Beach in Oregon for the Portland Bead Society’s annual retreat.

Each year they offer a challenge sponsored by the late Margaret Scovil. This year we were challenged to make a wearable piece inspired by the painting ‘Blue Segment’ by Vassily Kandinski.

Much pondering, gazing and daydreaming went on while I looked and looked at the image of this painting. There is no meaning – it’s abstract and sooooo colourful. Should I work with all these shades, some of them, none? Should I attach an erudite and highbrow connotation to the squiggles and blobs?

Well, I’m not highbrow by any stretch of the imagination…… In fact, I’m sometimes downright literal.

The Kandinsky piece is entitled ‘Blue Segment’. What has segments? Lots of things, but in particular – oranges.

Thus, a necklace made with beaded orange slices, and its accompanying leaves and flowers.

Stitched with seed beads and Swarovski crystals using peyote, chenille, picots, and cubic right angle weave.

19″ long, fastened with a self-made clasp.