Three Ring Circus Pendant Workshop Kits


3 Ring Circus Pendant Workshop with Lorna Dobberstein and Rose Rushbrooke Workshop Kit $70.00 plus $10.00 shipping

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A Zoom workshop with Lorna Dobberstein (Polymer Clay) and Rose Rushbrooke (Bead Embroidery and Weaving)

Indulge your carnival instincts and wear a tapering pendant with hidden mathematical formulae. Learn how to mix different colours in polymer clay. In your kit you will find only 4 different coloured clay lumps but these lumps can magically become legion. Just follow the formula … CMYK is the basis for mixing shades.

Once you’ve created your cabochons and beads you will then switch your brain over to a totally different skill. Bead embroidery.

You will learn how to stitch your cabochons into a component, which will then be incorporated into a threesome of gorgeousness, stitched together, and then finished off with a treble bead dangle.

Hang the whole kit and caboodle on a neck cord, hang the neck cord around – yup, you’ve guessed it, your neck and circus out!

The pendant is approximately 8 1/4 inches long – your mileage may vary.

As an added bonus you will find enough supplies to make a variety of earrings to go with your necklace …

Three Ring Circus earrings by Lorna Dobberstein and Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Supplies needed:

The kit contains all the components to make the cabochons and beads, along with the items to incorporate them into a bead embroidered necklace. You will also need the following supplies: For the polymer clay: A toaster or conventional oven Scissors Needle nosed pliers (round nosed if you have them) Scotch tape

For the bead embroidery: Sharp, pointed scissors Bead mat This is Zoom so make sure your work area has adequate lighting A receptive and questioning mind.

The class goes over 2 days.

Day 1 you learn to make the cabochons and beads. Day 2 we’ll put all the pieces together with bead embroidery. Prepare yourself with lots of water and snacks!

You do not need prior experience of polymer clay work but it is useful to have previous knowledge of bead embroidery. Or even classic sewing embroidery as you will be using stitches such as couching and blanket stitch. You will also need to understand basic peyote stitch. If you are a little unsure about circular peyote stitch I recommend you check out this YouTube video.

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