Parrots and Rose - gouache and ink painting by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Parrots and Rose

© Rose Rushbrooke 1988
22″ w x 30″ h

A friend’s sister is an artist. She was training at art college in London and I visited her on one of my trips. She showed me some of her student work – paintings done in gouache. Up until then my medium of choice was transparent watercolour. Gouache is watercolour mixed with gum arabic making it opaque. Here were the strong hues I needed to portray the Caribbean light.

This painting is my first created with pen and gouache. It was done at a friends house in England – I couldn’t wait to use my new toys. I picked a flower, put it in a glass vase and draped some fabric behind as a backdrop. The cup and saucer were out of my collection of china.

The painting is now in Canada, owned by a good friend, another artist who shared with me many years in Antigua.