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Here We Go Again

A new decade, a new website.

From learning how to code a simple html website to uploading an e-Commerce WordPress site took 21 years and it has been an interesting ride. Like everyone else’s life, things happen, things change, things move on.

My interests have morphed from painting pictures in gouache, to stitching tiny pieces of fabric together, to weaving miniscule glass beads into sculpture and jewelry. Which is why my original blog is no more (actually, I accidentally deleted it while putting up this website so let’s not get too airy fairy). But… I did write a lot about quilts and now I want to write a lot about beads – so there, take that and like it!

I am working on retrieving some of the more interesting posts from 2012 onwards so they will slowly be added. Serves me right for being so eager beaver!

Till we meet again, I’m off to walk a poodle.