Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke..

Once in a Blue Moon

© Rose Rushbrooke 2016
30″w x 18″h

Pattern: Original design.
Technique: Hand stitched.
Medium: Hand dyed and printed cotton fabric.

Each full Moon in a season has a name. eg. in April it is Pink, in May it is Flower, and Strawberry in June. There are usually 3 full moons in a season. If another full Moon appears during the quarter it is called the Blue Moon. Since these occur about once every three years this gives rise to the idiom ‘once in a blue moon’. Or in other words, a rare occurrence.

This quilt is made with various shades of blue fabric stitched onto an orange ‘cheddar’ background. In the quilt world the name ‘cheddar’ came from a shade of yellow resembling the color of cheese. The moon is often depicted as made of cheese.

I wanted my husband to be part of this quilt. He is a fly fishermen and anglers consult the ‘Solunar Theory’ – or fishing by moon phase, to pick a good moment to catch the most fish. Hence a single carved fish is attached to the quilt bringing together a rare occurrence, and the moon.

Detail 1 of Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.
Detail 1 of Once In A Blue Moon