Thanks for the shipment!,
Folks, I finally ran out of my old supply for Gudebrod Scarlet Silk Rod Wrapping thread. I have 3 rods for different customers all in the middle of complete restoration. All customers wanted Scarlet. I sent off for some FireHawk 3/0. It was very difficult to work with. Saw your site on the Internet, and purchased 4 spools of Red Clover 50wt. It came today, and I have been wrapping rods all afternoon. It is the best silk I've ever used. You have a definite return customer. ...Keith

Dear David and Rose,
Just wanted to fire off a note to let you know I received my order, "YLI 100 wt silk thread #217 Salmon...." Thank you so much for your help and quick shipment. I am very pleased with my order... Richard

Hi David, Thanks for having a reasonable shipping cost! One site I was about to order from had $26 shipping charge for 3 day, more than the cost of items!... Bill

Hi David, Thank heavens for the internet and after much searching, your wonderful site! Your colours and photographs are great and appear to be the most accurate I have seen... J.L. AU

Hi David, I just wanted to tell you thanks for the thread I ordered from you this week (YLI 242 100wt). It looks fantastic and looks like it's a perfect match for the San Francisco era Winston bamboo fly rods for anyone looking to do a repair and want a close match to what is on the rod... J.P.

Dear Rushbrooke Strand, I just wanted to let you know that the silk thread and Permatex Super Blue silicon sealer worked well to seal the bar oil tank in my McCulloch chainsaw. It was so nice to find the silk thread in this country. Not that I have a problem with China. It's that it takes so long to arrive after buying. Thank you for being there with what I needed.... Neil

Thanks David, all the thread you have sent me so far has been great and makes beautiful bamboo fly rods. J.D.

The #84 thread arrived yesterday and I can’t thank you enough for the genuinely terrific "customer care". I will be recommending you to any and all who need thread... J. R.

The YLI 100 spools are popular among the makers of classic style bamboo fly rods (such as myself). The line guides are held to the rod by winding silk thread over each end of the little wire guides foot. The silk is then given multiple layers of varnish to secure it in place and gives a nice smooth, translucent effect. You should be able to see some close-ups of this on my website - www.oysterbamboo.com... B. O.

Your package arrived safely today, packed with excruciating tidyness. I use this fine silk thread for bracing wires on model airplanes, especially flying models with biplane wings. My current project is a tiny control line stunt model for living room aerobatics, which will zoom about at the end of silk flying lines. This plane has an electric motor with throttle function controlled by radio. Having you as a supplier means that I do not need to hide my thread supply from my wife any longer - I ordered enough for her sewing needs as well. Thanks! D. G. of the Black Sheep Squadron Model Airplane Club

To my amazement, I received my order today (clear across the country, to my Island only reachable by boat) the same week that I placed my order! Wow - and thank you!

Appreciate your professionalism and speedy mailing... R. M., Oregon

I just wanted to thank you for the order I recently received from you. It was shipped in a timely manner (4 days from order to delivery) nicely packaged, and wonderful vibrant colors. What I most appreciated was the appropriate shipping charges. You charged me a small fee, most of which was taken up by actual postage. It makes those orders easier to submit when the shipping is not as outrageous as some other companies charge. I expect to be back ordering more thread from you soon.
J. C. - Newport, Oregon

This was my first time shopping on your site, but I will definitely be a return shopper.
L. S., New Hampshire