Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is the difference between the YLI 50 wt and Clover Tire 50 wt Silk Threads?
A - They are nearly the same. They are both Japanese Silk Threads, but you hear more about the YLI thread, as it is written about in the old books. The Clover Tire 50 wt thread has been around for a long time now. They are the same size and both are excellent for rod wrapping. The YLI 50 wt is classic but often hard to get. The Clover Tire 5o wt is easier to source and comes in many more colors. I like them both.

Q - Does the Silk Thread have any wax or silicon on it?
A - NO. YLI, Pearsall's, Clover Tire, and Alec Jackson Silk are natural silk with only color dye. There are no waxes, silicon, etc... that will prevent finish (or head cement) from soaking into the thread.

Q - Can you apply Epoxy directly on Silk Thread?
A - YES, but read this first. You will certainly have a bullet-proof wrapping, which is maybe what you want, but... Unlike Nylon rod wrapping thread, Silk will absorb everything right through the thread. If you only use Epoxy it will soak through the thread and marry the thread to the rod blank and you will have a very hard time getting the guide off in you need to replace it in the future. You may consider using a color preserver, or some base coat first. (Note: Don't you lacquer under epoxy, it will yellow over time.

Q - Do people use Silk Thread for wrapping fiberglass, or graphite rods, too?
A - You Bet! Many of our customers like the variety of colors and the finish you get with silk rod wrapping thread. We have customers using silk thread on everything from bamboo fly rods, to fiberglass and graphite fly rods, to bass flipp'n sticks, to spinning rods, all the way up to Tuna rods.

Q - Do you offer volume discounts?
A - No. We decided to keep the prices and shipping costs as low as we could for our customers instead of offering higher prices then sales, discounts, etc... that some websites do. We think that is better pricing in the long run for our customers.

Q - I want to place a phone order, but don't see your telephone number?
A - We do not take phone ordersas part of our PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Compliance.

Although this may be an inconvenience for placing phone orders, and a possible loss of revenue for us, we feel the strict added security that it brings to our customers and our business is more important.

When orders are placed online, your personal information is sent to the shopping cart, PayPal, and/or the credit card processor over an SSL secure encrypted connection for safety.

Our office NEVER receives, stores, or has any information regarding a customer's credit card information. To take phone orders would be a violation of our PCI Certificate.

We also elected not to have 'customer sign-in accounts', where personal information is stored on our Internet servers as an enhancement customer information security.

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