A Word About Thread Color Names and Numbers

As you navigate your way through the books, forums and websites, you have by now noticed a particular thread being referred to by different names. Confusing - you bet!

The problem stems from the fact that many manufactures don't “officially” have names for their threads, only numbers. Over time people have made up names they thought would fit a particular thread and they vary from publication to publication. Note: The main color names used on this and our quilting web site are those considered to be the long standing names for particular threads.

YLI in particular does not “officially” assign names to their threads. In addition, the number for same colors offered in both 100 wt 3/0 and 50wt Size “A” are not the same.

In bamboo fly rod restoration Japanese silk thread is usually recommended and YLI silk thread often suggested, as in the Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook by Michael Sinclair.

Mr. Sinclair's book is a wealth of information - a must have for bamboo rod restoration.
Copies can be found on eBay and Amazon.

To aid in matching restoration thread colors from the book's Thread Color Chart, I have included the color name from this chart as a secondary name for the threads, where applicable.

With any thread it is the Thread Number which is most important. Color charts, magazines, old photos and computer monitors can vary as to the true color of the thread. However, if you have the Thread Number then you are far more likely to end up with the color thread you actually wanted in the first place.

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