Collection: WonderFil Silco 35wt variegated cotton thread 700 meter spools

Silco is a 35wt cotton thread, but unlike other cotton threads, this one is 100% LINT FREE and comes with no waxes or coatings, making it the perfect choice for sewers who want to avoid lint and residue build up in their machines. This unique thread also carries a sateen finish which makes it perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, or any project using decorative stitches. Available in 30 beautiful solid colors and 30 variegated colors, Silco is strong and colorfast making it a versatile thread in your sewing room. We recommend using our Wonder Guard with this thread due to its slippery nature.

Uses: Embroidery Thread, Hand Sewing Thread, Machine Sewing Thread, Quilting Thread.
Recommended Needle Size: Machine: 90/14 quilting, 90/14 topstitch, longarm – 16.