Collection: WonderFil Ahrora 40wt Glow in the Dark Polyester Thread

WonderFil Ahrora is a glow in the dark thread activated by natural or artificial light. This thread glows for approx. 5 hours and requires 2 hours to charge in the sunlight. We highly recommend black lights (UV bulbs), which are a great way to recharge this thread.

Use Ahrora anywhere that you want the thread to  be emphasized in the dark. Perfect for machine  embroidery, decorative stitching, art quilts, cosplay  costumes, and crafts. Ideal for domestic decorative stitches,  embroidery, quilting, costuming and crafts. Available 8 solid colors in 183m (200yd) spools.
RECOMMENDED NEEDLE SIZES: Machine - 80/12 topstitch - 80/12 nonstick - 90/14 quilting - Longarm 16.