Bead Soup Blog Party 8 – what we got

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party is in full swing and Sally Russick and I have already exchanged soup mixes. Lori Anderson paired up the seed beaders early on and we got a head start in mailing out our packages.

This is what I sent to Sally:

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 mix

  • 3 different sizes of seed beads in various shades of blue;
  • a lovely handmade copper clasp from Patricia Healey;
  • cloisonné enamel beads in medium blue;
  • swarovski pearls in dark lapis;
  • vintage beads in various sizes and shapes, chocolate and dark blue;
  • oval shaped striped glass beads in various browns;
  • press glass star beads in browns;
  • fire polish crystal rondelles in blue and crystal;

and a handmade focal bead – an earring design from Laura McCabe’s Masterclass book.

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 focal

When the box arrived from Sally I had to stop and admire how she wrapped the packages before I tore into them.

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 - bead soup package from Sally Russick

And look at the beautiful mix she sent me:

Bead Soup Blog Party 8 - bead soup mix from Sally Russick

  • 2 flip top tubes of size 11/0 seed beads in bronze and cream;
  • a flip top tube of ivory bugle beads;
  • a tube of SuperDuo two hole beads in a really pretty stone colour;
  • a tube each of lime and bronze delicas;
  • a string of small daggers in bronze;
  • 3mm Czech firepolish beads in a subtle teal;
  • a really pretty vintage Swarovski red crystal and silver clasp;
  • a spool of C-Lon beading thread which I have never used before so am excited to try;
  • a key hole polymer clay focal bead in dusty blue;
  • a ceramic decorative ring by Jenny Davies-Reazor;
  • and an organic bronze clay focal by Staci Louise Smith.

Holy C**p!

Well, that lot should keep me busy for a while…..

7th Bead Soup Blog Party – Reveal

A lovely assortment of soup mix from Shirley Moore – Bread and Beads blog. See the original boxed soup in an earlier post.

This is the first time I have taken part in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog party and I am sooooooo GLAD I did. She wants us to challenge and stretch our design selves and it sure worked. Learning new ways to use colour, specially colours I am not fond of, new stitch combinations, and new shapes.

I have said it before, and no doubt I will say it again – BEADWORK IS THE MOST UN-DOING-EST CRAFT!.

Summertime Necklace

Summertime Necklace - beadwork, herringbone, peyote, square stitch, donut, magatamas.
Summertime Necklace
Pendant of Summertime Necklace
Pendant of Summertime Necklace

I can’t tell you how many times I reworked the pendant on this necklace. And I love the end result. Emerald green is the Pantone colour of the year but damn, it’s a strong colour to work with.

What do you do with a donut? They are just so round! After much scouring the internet, beading books, and magazines I discovered netting. OK – step 1, net the donut.

Got to do more than that. Mmmmmm…….

After many interations the focal donut bead became a netted flower with inside embellishments of emerald green silver lined magatamas. Never used those before. And a peyote bail to slip over the twisted herringbone chain.

Clasp for Summertime Necklace
Clasp for Summertime Necklace
Rope embellishment on Summertime Necklace
Rope embellishment on Summertime Necklace










Can you believe it? Shirley gave me EXACTLY the right number of emerald magatamas to include in the rope embellishments and to go around the toggle. How could she have known? Just love the way the toggle balances out the pendant.

The necklace is approximately 31 inches long from toggle to clasp. It’s a long rope and the pendant hangs quite low.

Purple Netting Necklace

Purple Netted Necklace
Purple Netted Necklace

Now purple is not a favorite colour of mine. I like its effect, its meaning and how it works with other colours. But I seldom if ever, wear it or use it in my decorations. So this box of purple/lavender shaded beads slightly floored me.

Pendant of Purple Netted Necklace
Pendant of Purple Netted Necklace

The look of netted beads appeals so here they are together in one hayuge lump as the focal point of this necklace. They feel substantial and weighty. To keep the netting going I used some peach pearls, jasper semi-gemstone beads and some of the soup seed beads. To continue the sides of the necklace I transitioned to tubular peyote and spiralled some size 8 seed beads around the core.

And then Shirley did it again. She read my mind and sent me EXACTLY the right amount of crackle lentil beads and 2 extra gemstones so I could string the rest of the necklace. Isn’t she brilliant!?

Clasp for Purple Netted Necklace
Clasp for Purple Netted Necklace

The clasp came with Shirley’s soup mix and is made by Sharyl’s Jewelry. The bright copper complements the purple/lavender, browns/creams theme of the necklace.

Look at that! One lavender pearl left to put onto the other side of the clasp.

Guess what? I’ll probably wear this as it looks so interesting.

Lavender Pearls Bracelet

Lavender Pearls bracelet
Lavender Pearls bracelet

This bracelet is a simple design – beaded components stitched onto a band. It is made from some of the extra beads in Shirley’s mix. Having already used the focal bead and clasp I wanted to make something else.

Lavender pearls bracelet open view
Lavender pearls bracelet open view

The band is done in peyote stitch using the twin beads from the soup mix, with size 15 seed beads filling in the gaps. I calculated how long the band needed to be and then stitched 4 rows.

Lavender pearls bracelet component
Lavender pearls bracelet component

Lavender glass beads are encircled with seed beads and tipped with fire polish beads – brick stitch around the center. The lavender pearls are in the mix too. So I was able to use two things from the soup.

The purple/violet colour family is out of my comfort zone. This really made me stretch my colour chops. But in the end the amber/peach glow around the lavender, along with a tiny accent of lime greens worked.

And I find I wear the bracelet a lot. I think it makes me happy!

All together this was a great experience. I made some pieces I would not have made otherwise. Used colour schemes I would not have thought of without this outside nudge, and came away with some great additions to my jewelry box.

The only thing which was a bit stressful was the timing. This blog post was written while I was in America. All the pieces had to be finished and photographed early as I left for England on March 27th. Yikes! It cut my time short by a few days.

So worth it.

Go here to see the list of the other 1st reveals –

7th Bead Soup Blog Party – What I Got!

bead-soup-boxesLook how beautifully Shirley packaged her bead soup mix. An envelope containing a sweet note and a package of Woolly Wire.

Yup, something called Woolly Wire. Something I have never heard of – most certainly pushing me in different direction. A certain amount of research is required!

Along with two colourways of beads, purples and greens. Neither of which are favourite colours for me so this is a challenge. Have to learn how to use other colours with these.

bead-soup-purplesA gorgeous selection of purples and lavenders. Pearls, crystals, seed beads, crackle coins, round gemstone beads, twin beads, and the best of all, a wire bead hand made by Shirley. Very cool.

bead-soup-greensThe focal bead which is a pretty stone donut, and the clasp which is another handmade goodie. Plus a lovely seed bead mix, magatamas, and crystals.

Bead Soup Blog Party – My Mix

Bead Soup Blog Party Mix
Bead Soup Blog Party Mix

Here is the mix I put together for the Bead Soup Blog Party.

The focal bead is a self supporting beaded star made with size 11 delicas and size 15 seed beads. Along with a matching clasp. The star was inspired by Jean Power’s technique of joining distorted squares. I added the bail so the star can be hung on a rope or chain.

Around the star are the co-ordinating delicas, seed beads and Swarovski crystals.

This package went off to Shirley Moore. Go and see her blog – Beads and Bread. She is sending me a package of Bead Soup in exchange.

Peyote Bracelet Cuff by Shirley Moore
Peyote Bracelet by Shirley Moore

Here is a peyote cuff she made – a Rainfall of Color.