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Reversible Gladiator Cuff by Hummingbeads

Reversible Gladiator Cuff

Reversible Gladiator Cuff

How many times do you hear people tell you they started a project years ago and still haven’t finished it? UFO’s I believe they are called – or Unfinished Objects. Hmmph.

Well I am certainly one of the people who says this. As the Reversible Gladiator Cuff can attest to. This was begun several years ago at a Bead and Button class given by the Hummingbeads Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick. I loved the idea of getting 2 bracelets for the price of one. And I alao thought it was a very clever pattern.

Down the road I’m just glad I finished the blasted thing. It seemed to go on forever with lots of little components. Fiddly sew on snaps etc. I really couldn’t believe it when it was done. And I almost still can’t believe it when I see it on my wrist!

I would say quite honestly it’s a classic piece of jewelry and can be worn with anything, anywhere. Worth making the effort as you’ll probably use it a lot.

The reverse side looks like this:

Reverse of Reversible Gladiator Cuff

Reverse of Reversible Gladiator Cuff

And both sides opened up:

Reversible Gladiator Cuff opened - pearls

Reversible Gladiator Cuff opened – pearls

Reversible Gladiator Cuff opened - crystals

Reversible Gladiator Cuff opened – crystals

The worst part was sewing the snaps into the band. Phew. Hard work. But it makes a nice concealed clasp and boggles my mind how it works – but it does. Sort of like one of Eschers paintings…..

Here’s the clasp:

Sew in snap clasp

Sew in snap clasp

You might want to make one of these yourself, in which case hie on over to Hummingbeads and email for a kit.