Fractal Ribbons – new fractal quilt

Fractal Ribbons - fractal art quilt. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Fractal Ribbons. A new fractal quilt created for exhibition in conjunction with the High Fiber Diet group – “Making Our Mark”. The quilt is hand stitched, with silk ribbon embroidery and hand quilted lines. It is 24″ square.

Our guidelines were to design a piece using neutral colours such as black, brown, grey, white etc. Along with no more than 25% other color.

In total 36 pieces were chosen, a core group plus alternatives.

Anamorphic Roses – morphed perspective art quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

Anamorphic Roses - catoptric perspective, conical mirror placed in center to reflect image

It’s been a while since I’ve made an anamorphic art quilt. The whole concept of morphed perspective is so cool. I love things which fool the eye. Or require you to look again.

The above image shows the quilt with the conical mirror set in the middle. Look hard and you will see how the outside of the quilt reflects into the middle of the cone to form a bunch of roses.

Anamorphic Roses - morphed rose bunch with clear center for mirror

Now look at the quilt without the mirror and you can see there is nothing in the middle circle. Clever eh!

Reflection of rose bunch in the conical mirror.

Here is the mirror reflecting the flowers.

Close up of hand stitched rose and leaves.

And this is a close up of my hand quilting around a rose bud.

That Perfect Stitch by Roxanne McElroy

That Perfect Stitch by Roxanne McElroyOn joining my very first quilting guild all those years ago – my first thought was….. good gawd, you won’t catch me doing any hand stitching. Specially not hand QUILTING. No way.

Just remember – never say never, you will eat your words!

I watched the members create these gorgeous quilts, saw how they enjoyed quilting those tiny, tiny stitches. And thought, mmmm, this looks interesting. Maybe I should give it a try.

For a few months I struggled with different types of needles, a variety of ways to push the needle through the fabric, an assortment of thimbles. Continue reading “That Perfect Stitch by Roxanne McElroy”

Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage betweens/quilting needles size 10

Jeana Kimball Foxglove Cottage betweens quilting needles size 10These English quilting needles are our replacement for the lovely Jean Lyle quilting needles.

This is a good standard size. They come bigger, and they come smaller, but this is the size most hand quilters use.

Having said that, I tend to use the smaller size 11. No idea why. I just do!

I like the way these Foxglove Cottage needles are packaged – in a little tube. There are 16 needles in the tube.

Craftsy Right Angle Weave Online Class

For a long time most of my learning was via books, diagrams and instructions. But when I began beadweaving I discovered all the video tutorials out there. There’s no doubt if you combine book learning with actually seeing how something is done you can really expand your knowledge.

I find the best way to deal with online videos is to first watch it all the way through. You can’t get all the information in one fell swoop. Or at least it doesn’t work for me. My brain does an overview and then it can work on details! Continue reading “Craftsy Right Angle Weave Online Class”

Bohin Quilting Finger Cots

Bohin Quilting Finger Cots - SmallBohin Quilting Finger Cots - MediumBohin Quilting Finger Cots - Large

We’ve started carrying these finger cots from Bohin in Small, Medium, and Large. They are tougher than the little rolled up finger cots we used to have. They are really useful when you hand quilt as they stop the needle slipping out of your fingers. So… you put your quilting thimble on your middle finger and one of these finger cots on your index finger – bang, you speed up your work.

I used to have a needle grabber resting on my quilting hoop, ready to help me pull the needle through. But now I will try one of these. It means I don’t have to stop, pick up the needle grabber, pull the thread through, then put the needle grabber down.

Plus you don’t get all sweaty as the cots allow your finger to breathe.

Susan Cleveland, the Piping Hottie, (don’t you just love it?!), recommends using these finger cots.

Oh – and if you are curious. She wrote the book Piping Hot Curves, and there’s a Piping Hot Binding Kit.

Subterranean Spiral exhibiting in ‘Female Voices’

Subterranean Spiral - hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke
Subterranean Spiral – hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

The hybrid quilt Subterranean Spiral is exhibiting in Female Voices: Fiber to inspire body, mind and spirit. The show is being sponsored by the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild, hosted and exhibited at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater and the Octagon Arts Center, Clearwater, Florida – February 22 – April 3, 2013. So you have a few more days to go see.

This is a sample quilt. I really wanted to work out a way to combine quilting and beadwork. It’s a small piece. Only 8 inches by 10 inches. It worked out to my satisfaction, ie. the end result pleased me and inspired me to go further with this idea.

The basic construction is in steps. First, the fractal design. I use Ultra Fractal to create a fractal image which is then printed out on my Epson Stylus Photo printer. In my more adventurous days the cotton fabric would be prepared, cut to size and ironed onto freezer paper. Things have gotten lazy around here and EQ prepared sheets of cotton came into the picture. Time saved and end result the same.

Then the quilt is sandwiched and hand quilted. I absolutely love my collection of variegated quilting cottons. Collected over many years. There’s always a suitable colour for each quilt. And I love defining shapes and lines on the fabric. It’s another level of design.

Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment
Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment

Thirdly, the beadwork embellishment. Which is easy in this case as many of the fractal parts are circular and lent themselves to circular components.

And voila, a cross over piece of textile beadwork.

Am working on another one already.

Talking of Hand Quilting

Which I was a few posts ago, I wanted to take this subject a bit further.

Hand quilting tutorials seem to be few and far between on the Internet. At least, those which teach the way I hand quilt. I wanted to offer a collection of links but apparently this is not going to happen.

Mary Stori has a great tutorial posted on Threads Magazine – Perfect your Hand Quilting. I probably like this tutorial because this is exactly how I hand quilt. She recommends the Jean Lyle needles, and the Roxanne thimble.

Continue reading “Talking of Hand Quilting”