Zulu beaded bracelet

Zulu beaded bracelet
Zulu beaded bracelet

Made at the Portland Bead Society annual retreat in Cannon Beach, OR. This was a workshop given by Karmen Schmidt – we chose our own beads. I went very classic with gold, cream and brown along with a simple button clasp.

The bracelet is 8 and a half inches long.

Fafnir’s Tail bracelet

Fafnir's Tail bracelet

This bracelet was made during the Portland Bead Society’s annual bead retreat in Cannon Beach, OR. Darlene Fordyce taught the workshop. This is a clever right angle weave design with the middle row of dagger beads set in the opposite direction to the two outside beads. When the bracelet is fastened the ‘dragon scales’ lift up and create a pleasing effect.

Much knashing of teeth went into the making of this – sometimes a pattern comes quickly and begins to make sense early. Other times, such as this, my brain goes into meltdown mode and it doesn’t matter how many times I repeat the section it won’t stick.

Fafnir's tail bracelet open

The button was a fortuitous find and works perfectly with the colour of the beads.