Versailles Cuff – beaded bracelet designed by Melanie Potter

Versailles Cuff - beaded bracelet designed by Melanie Potter
Versailles Cuff – beaded bracelet designed by Melanie Potter

Such pretty colours! This is a gorgeous bracelet designed by Melanie Potter. I took a class with her when she visited the Portland Bead Society back in October 2015.

I really wanted to finish this because…… well, I wanted to wear it!

Very detailed and time consuming but just beautiful. The clasp is pretty interesting – a real fiddle to put together. It might help to have someone else put the bracelet on for you but I have found a way to do it myself.

The cuff is made with seed beads, delicas, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

This is the back:

Versailles Cuff back
Versailles Cuff back

And this is what it looks like laid out flat:

Versailles Cuff laid out open
Versailles Cuff laid out open

Beaded Horn of Plenty and necklace

Horn of Plenty basket containing necklace. Beadweaving - seed beads, fire polish crystals, delicas, Swarovski rivolis, and wirework. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.
The initial design of this 3-D piece began at a Masterclass with Nancy Cain at the Milwaukee Bead and Button Show.

I got stuck on filling it with the conventional fruits and veggies. However, common sense prevailed and I made a delicate necklace for the bounty spilling out of a basket.

Horn of Plenty basket - peyote beadweaving. Made with seed beads and Swarovski glass pearls. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.The basket is shaped peyote using seed beads, pearls and coloured wirework.

Horn of Plenty necklace - beadweaving. Made with seed beads, drops, fire polish crystals, and Swarovski rivolis. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.The necklace is made with bezelled Swarovski crystals and a daisy chain fastened with a silver and Swarovski clasp.

Toho Triangles necklace – Toho Challenge 2015

Toho Triangles necklace. Herringbone and cubic right angle weave bead stitching - seed beads, fire polish crystals, and triangles. Created for Toho Challenge 2015. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Managed to snag a Toho Challenge package while at the 2015 Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, WI. Lovely colours this year. Especially the teals. After faffing about with various hopeless designs I discovered simple is best.

A herringbone rope stitched with teal triangles and gold size 15 seed beads, strung with a cubic right angle weave triangular pendant in metallic dark amethyst seed beads, fire polish crystals, and joined with daggers. Very pretty and wearable. In fact I wear this 18 inch long Toho Triangles necklace quite often.

To see other designs have a look at the Toho Challenge 2015 page.