Subterranean Spiral exhibiting in ‘Female Voices’

Subterranean Spiral - hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke
Subterranean Spiral – hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

The hybrid quilt Subterranean Spiral is exhibiting in Female Voices: Fiber to inspire body, mind and spirit. The show is being sponsored by the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild, hosted and exhibited at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater and the Octagon Arts Center, Clearwater, Florida – February 22 – April 3, 2013. So you have a few more days to go see.

This is a sample quilt. I really wanted to work out a way to combine quilting and beadwork. It’s a small piece. Only 8 inches by 10 inches. It worked out to my satisfaction, ie. the end result pleased me and inspired me to go further with this idea.

The basic construction is in steps. First, the fractal design. I use Ultra Fractal to create a fractal image which is then printed out on my Epson Stylus Photo printer. In my more adventurous days the cotton fabric would be prepared, cut to size and ironed onto freezer paper. Things have gotten lazy around here and EQ prepared sheets of cotton came into the picture. Time saved and end result the same.

Then the quilt is sandwiched and hand quilted. I absolutely love my collection of variegated quilting cottons. Collected over many years. There’s always a suitable colour for each quilt. And I love defining shapes and lines on the fabric. It’s another level of design.

Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment
Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment

Thirdly, the beadwork embellishment. Which is easy in this case as many of the fractal parts are circular and lent themselves to circular components.

And voila, a cross over piece of textile beadwork.

Am working on another one already.

Sheep’s Eyes Beaded Beads

Sheep's Eyes beaded beads
Sheep’s Eyes beaded beads

These beaded beads took a long time. Three is quite enough!

Sheep's Eyes fractal art quilt
Sheep’s Eyes fractal art quilt

They are inspired by the fractal quilt Sheep’s Eyes. The colours are pulled directly from the quilt and the circular theme fits round beads perfectly.

They are done in freeform peyote stitch around a 25mm wooden bead. I found all sorts of shapes I could use – seed beads of various sizes, crystals, and bugle beads.

I love trying anything once, and I loved the look of these beaded beads. But it was a bit mind boggling creeping around the bead finding suitable shapes and sizes to fit in the spaces.

Sheep's Eyes beaded beads - alternate view
Sheep’s Eyes beaded beads – alternate view

Here’s another view of the beads from a different angle. They are strung on a black leather cord – but a blue silk cord would look good too.

Bohin Chalk Pencil Refillable Cartridge Set White 91489

Bohin white chalk cartridge pencil
Bohin white chalk cartridge pencil

New in the store, a white chalk marking cartridge.

An excellent chalk marker. The chalk lead contains no wax. It is good on fabric and washes out – no marks, even after ironing. Always test your markers on fabric just to be safe. This pencil can be used on other materials such as wood, paper and plastic.

The set comes with a nicely package case of 16 white leads.









Bohin white chalk cartridge pencil refills
Bohin white chalk cartridge pencil refills

And in case, if you happen to be a heavy user, you can get a set of 16 more chalk refills.

7th Bead Soup Blog Party – What I Got!

bead-soup-boxesLook how beautifully Shirley packaged her bead soup mix. An envelope containing a sweet note and a package of Woolly Wire.

Yup, something called Woolly Wire. Something I have never heard of – most certainly pushing me in different direction. A certain amount of research is required!

Along with two colourways of beads, purples and greens. Neither of which are favourite colours for me so this is a challenge. Have to learn how to use other colours with these.

bead-soup-purplesA gorgeous selection of purples and lavenders. Pearls, crystals, seed beads, crackle coins, round gemstone beads, twin beads, and the best of all, a wire bead hand made by Shirley. Very cool.

bead-soup-greensThe focal bead which is a pretty stone donut, and the clasp which is another handmade goodie. Plus a lovely seed bead mix, magatamas, and crystals.

Pebble Plants Hybrid Quilt

Pebble Plants Fractal Image
Pebble Plants Fractal Image

A new fractal image to work with. Very monochromatic but interesting shapes and design. This time I will increase the impact the beadwork has on the finished piece.

I have used a sheet of EQ printable cotton. The larger size – 13″ x 19″ which is the most my wide body printer can manage. My heart pounds when I feed the paper in and start printing – you never know if the printer will stick, the ink will suddenly dry up, the edges will get caught, blobs of black will land on the paper. Any number of nasties could happen so it’s very nerve wracking to watch the fabric sheet slowly emerge.

However, it printed just fine.

Now I need to sandwich and baste it together ready for hand quilting. And start designing beadwork to enhance the image.

Bead Soup Blog Party – My Mix

Bead Soup Blog Party Mix
Bead Soup Blog Party Mix

Here is the mix I put together for the Bead Soup Blog Party.

The focal bead is a self supporting beaded star made with size 11 delicas and size 15 seed beads. Along with a matching clasp. The star was inspired by Jean Power’s technique of joining distorted squares. I added the bail so the star can be hung on a rope or chain.

Around the star are the co-ordinating delicas, seed beads and Swarovski crystals.

This package went off to Shirley Moore. Go and see her blog – Beads and Bread. She is sending me a package of Bead Soup in exchange.

Peyote Bracelet Cuff by Shirley Moore
Peyote Bracelet by Shirley Moore

Here is a peyote cuff she made – a Rainfall of Color.

Bead Soup Blog Party

Bead Soup Blog Party 7

Here we go with the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party led by Lori Anderson. I’ve not done this before so am rather looking forward to joining in. Apparently over 500 beaders have signed up.

Soon we will receive the info on our allocated partner. I am feverishly making a beaded pendant and clasp as I am a seed beader. Will eventually post photos of the beads I receive in exchange. Probably go into a fugue for a while and then come up with a design for the goodies I get.

Talking of Hand Quilting

Which I was a few posts ago, I wanted to take this subject a bit further.

Hand quilting tutorials seem to be few and far between on the Internet. At least, those which teach the way I hand quilt. I wanted to offer a collection of links but apparently this is not going to happen.

Mary Stori has a great tutorial posted on Threads Magazine – Perfect your Hand Quilting. I probably like this tutorial because this is exactly how I hand quilt. She recommends the Jean Lyle needles, and the Roxanne thimble.

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