Violet Sparkle Necklace by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Violet Sparkle Necklace

Having spent some time working with Lorna Dobberstein and learning a smallish amount of polymer clay skills I had an idea.

For some reason the colour violet was calling to me. Absolutely no idea why as it isn’t exactly one of my favourite colours. There you go, don’t fight the muse.

This necklace is a variation on a theme. Lorna and I put together a workshop for our 3 Ring Circus Pendants and both realised the potential for other designs based on this pendant.

The circles are approximately 2 inches across including the tila squares.

The chain is around 12 inches with a metal petal clasp.

Made with glass seed beads, polymer clay cabochons, Swarovski hot fix crystals and a silver coloured chain with clasp.

Bead weaving and embroidery. Backed with purple ultra suede.