Odd Count Peyote Bellpull Earrings by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Odd Count Peyote Bellpull Earrings

There we were – all of us, social distancing to try and slow down the 2020 Coronavirus. Well guess what, every artist took a deep breath, tried not to think of how everything was to be paid for, and hunkered down in their studio.

Our bead group, the Portland Bead Society, suddenly went quiet as we could no longer meet. But we have an active website, keen members, and a newsletter. What better thing to offer than a free beading pattern to go into the April edition.

So here it is, odd count peyote earrings. Not as easy as it looks. At least until you’ve lost the plot a few times and eventually worked out where you are in the row. I’m an old hand now, can see where to ‘turn’ and ‘mind the gap’. The pattern offers a blow by blow account of which bead to put where. Plus, you can use whatever colours your heart desires – well, whatever you have in your present stash. The bead at the bottom can be totally outrageous or just lovely…

I’ll be adding images of different colourways as and when folks send me pictures – hint, hint. (Email me and let me know you made a pair and would like to send me a picture for the website).

Simple ingredients – just 4 different colours of delicas, some size 15 seed beads, a couple of large beads for the bottom, and a pair of earwires. You must have something you can find in your cabinets, drawers, attic, trunk of car…….?

To download the pdf pattern click on the link below:

This is where I’ll be posting different versions as I get pictures. Might help you decide on a different colourway…