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Free quilting pattern, fractal Christmas decorationIn 2004 I was invited to create a decoration for the Christmas tree in the Governor's Mansion, Richmond, Virginia. A cube with six different fractal designs was the result. The one for the Governor's Mansion is a 4 inch cube as their tree was ginormous! This pattern is reduced to a 2¼" inch cube - suitable for the home tree.

You can use your own fabric prepared for printing with Bubble Jet Set or ready prepared sheets such as Miracle Fabric Sheets.

Download the full instructions and the images - DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERN IMAGES AND INSTRUCTIONS You can save this .zip file (4.51mb) to your desktop or a folder you create on your computer. It contains the images in .jpg format and ready to print onto a sheet of prepared cotton and the instruction sheet in .pdf format (6 pages with high quality images).

LEVEL: No sewing is required, just a bit of dexterity! Computer literacy and knowledge of printing images on fabric is necessary.

You need:

  • thread or ribbon from your stash
  • prepared for dyeing fabric and freezer paper OR
  • Miracle Fabric Sheets
  • a glue stick
  • a sheet of cardboard (not too thick)
  • fray check
  • strong hand needles
  • patience

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Step 1

Step 1 - print images on prepared sheet of fabricPrint the image
To get good results on a home printer you need to play with the settings. If you can see any settings such as Vivid, Saturated, Photo Enhancement etc. use them. This will allow more ink to be pushed onto the fabric and make the image brighter. The instructions on the Miracle Fabric Sheets recommend setting the paper to thick, matte or heavy paper.

Step 2

Peel backing from printed fabric sheetPeel backing from fabric sheet
This applies to all types of fabric - either Miracle Fabric Sheets or your own prepared sheets.

Step 3

Iron fabric on unprinted sideIron fabric on unprinted side
Heat set the image - do not use steam.

Step 4

Rinse sheet in Bubble Jet SetRinse sheet in cold water.
For best results rinse with Bubble Jet Rinse. You'll notice the colours brighten when you use BJR.

Step 5

Dry fabric sheet on towelDry fabric sheet on a towel
If you are desperate to make your Christmas tree decoration RIGHT NOW then you can use your hair dryer to dry the sheet. Otherwise let it air dry on the towel.

Step 6

Cut up the imagesCut apart the images
After you iron the wrinkles out of the dry sheet cut apart the images. Use either a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors. Leave a good margin of plain fabric around the squares.

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Rose Rushbrooke
Rose Rushbrooke