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Mandelbrot - fractal postcard quilt

Mandelbrot - fractal postcard quilt© Rose Rushbrooke 2004
5" x 3"

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Pattern: Original fractal design.
Medium: Hand dyed and printed cotton, cotton embroidery thread.
Technique: Hand appliquéd, embroidered and quilted.
Privately owned

This tiny postcard sized quilt was made as a gift for the founder of the Q & A quilt art group based in Northern Virginia. Vexing but interesting working SO small..

Techniques used in this piece:

  • each layer is appliquéd;
  • the background to the Mandelbrot set is hand embroidered using outline stitch and cotton embroidery floss;
  • the Mandelbrot set is outlined with hand embroidered French knots;
  • the piece is machine quilted.

Rose Rushbrooke
Rose Rushbrooke