Les Folies Bergère fractal art quilt

Large image of Les Folies Bergere - fractal art quilt© Rose Rushbrooke 2005
47" x 46"

Large image

Pattern: Original fractal design based on the Mandelbrot Set, mirrored and flipped.
Medium: Hand dyed and printed cotton and silk fabrics.
Technique: Hand pieced, embellished, and quilted.

This piece was begun several years before it was finished. It is entirely hand pieced, hand embellished and quilted. The centrepiece is made from furrowed hand dyed silk stitched down with glass beads and perle cotton.

An intensely feminine and voluptuous piece. Everything is curved, including the edge. The colouring is soft and pastel - the centre is fluttery and frilly, reminiscent of the image Edouard Manet painted of Suzon at the Folies Bergère in Paris.

The centrepiece is echoed by little scattered tufts of thread, like inappropriate bursts of hair on the body.

Techniques used in this piece:

  • curved pieces are seamed together by hand;
  • hand dyed silk fabric is furrowed by stitching down with glass beads and floss;
  • the little tufts are created with tied embroidery floss;
  • the piece is quilted entirely by hand.

Rose Rushbrooke
Rose Rushbrooke