How To Ruche - Tutorial on Ruching

Fold sides of the strip

Fold the sides of the strip towards the center so that they meet in the middle. This is the back. Gently crease the folds down with your fingernail.

Mark ninety degree angles on strip

Using a pencil, draw lines at 90° along the front of the strip.

Stitch along drawn line

Make small running stitches along the drawn line with a matching colored thread, at the edge of the strip push the needle through to the back and then loop the thread over and around to the front.

Gather stitched strip

Stitch for a few inches then stop and gather the strip into petals, when pulled up the thread runs through the center of the strip.

Curl into petals

Gather the fabric into petals for several inches and then thread another needle. Tuck the tail of the strip underneath the petals and stitch them together with the new threaded needle. Keep making gathering stitches with the first needle and curl and tack the petals around and underneath each other with the second needle.

Finish stitching strip and applique down

Continue to gather and tack the petals until the very end. Tuck the tail under and stitch it down. The flower is now ready to be appliquéd onto the background fabric. Stitch the outside petals down to ensure the flower is firmly attached.

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Rose Rushbrooke
Rose Rushbrooke