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Portland Bead Society Retreat 2017

Day 1, Thursday: leave the house, husband driving, get to Tolovanna Inn at the south end of Cannon Beach. Pouring with rain – how unusual! Go and eat WAY too much supper at Mo’s.

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Go back to hotel room, sleep.

Day 2, Friday: get up and get ready really fast. The line will be forming from outside the retreat room all the way down the stairs into the hotel lobby. 8 o’clock – sign in, grab bag and look for a seat. Find one next to Lori and her friend Elaine. Good choice.

Get things out of bag, set up table, yack to everyone in sight, eat excellent breakfast of half a bagel, cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, and tangerine (do this every single morning except the last when they had run out of the best poppy seed bagels and I had to have a plain one), walk around looking at vendor’s tables. Buy stuff. Yack to more people.

Start working on interesting bracelet pattern offered by Michelle at Village Beads. Go look at more vendor’s stuff. Yack.

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Eat vast lunch – pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad. Yum. Yack. Look at vendor’s stuff. Take a class about exploding triangles – beading can be quite entertaining. Yack some more. Go back to hotel room, eat and watch TV with husband. Husband has been fly fishing so there’s weird rubber stuff drying all over the room. No, we are not kinky.


Day 3, Saturday: get up and get ready fast. No line, but I want a poppy seed bagel etc. Eat. Start working on bracelet, yack. Look at vendor’s stuff. Yack some more. Eat excellent lunch of chef’s salad.

Take interesting class on 3-d beaded objects. Had to think………

Took class with Carol Perrenoud and Virginia Blakelock. Funny people. Funny class. Lovely bracelet.

Got back to room to find drying rubber stuff all over the place. We are not kinky (and even if we were, I wouldn’t tell you).

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat 2017

Day 4, Sunday: get up and get ready fast. No line, but I want a poppy seed bagel. NO POPPY SEED BAGEL. Had to accept plain.

Watched incredible hail storm.

Looked at all the pieces made for the bead challenge – the Animal Within. My piece had to be tweaked as a bit of it was misaligned. Difficult to do as no-one is supposed to know who made what. A sort of surreptitious sneak up to the table, a quick hand out and a little push. Made mental note of which pieces I liked and then back to the voting slip.

Ate excellent brunch. Baked beans, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and potatoes. Yes, I know there was healthy stuff like fruit but I’ve already eaten a tangerine…….

Won second place in competition. Cool!!

Tried not to look too monstrous while having endless pix taken.

Started packing up, yacked, looked at vendor’s stuff – paid vendor’s.

Took bags to front lobby of hotel and found husband waiting.

Left. Husband drove us to Camp 18. Ate. Drove on home.

Went to bed very tired and happy, ready to do it all again next year.


Ann Johnston at the Columbia FiberArts Guild

Many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away …. no, that’s not right, I mean here in Portland, OR – in April. Ann Johnston – one of my heroes, gave a lecture to the Columbia FiberArts Guild and then offered a 3-day workshop afterward.

Hand dyed fabric from Ann Johnston

Hand dyed fabric from Ann Johnston

Hand dyed fabric from Jill Hoddick

Hand dyed fabric from Jill Hoddick

What a fascinating ride Ann has been on. For many years she’s worked with dyed and painted fabric – produced in her own studio. Her book – Color by Accident, was my bible. My Virginia kitchen was filled with ziplock bags of fabulous coloured muslin, silks and sometimes even velvet cloth. Rows of curing yardage spread out on the kitchen table – while my husband was away flying planes, or putting up cellular towers in strange places around the world.

Since then, we have left our Virginia house, where I had the free run of the kitchen for my dyeing projects. We were beginning an 8 year wander, from Virginia to Florida to end up in Portland, Oregon.

My dyeing equipment sold, but I kept all the fabric and schlepped the boxes around from home to home. I still made quilts but surface design and dyeing was off the books.

Now we are settled here in the NorthWest, we have finally decided to buy a home again.

I am thinking…….. maybe I could start dyeing my fabric again?

And if I do, I’ll be following Ann’s books and now her DVD.