Needleturn Applique with WonderFil Invisafil

New tutorial video from WonderFil using Invisafil thread. I’m always interested in hand work – so much is done with machine now in the quilt world. Got nothing against beautiful quilts made quickly but the meditatitive and tactile benefits are lost when sitting behind the wheel of a sewing machine or long arm quilter. Picking up a needle and thread is good for the soul….!

Have a look at the video –

Craftsy Right Angle Weave Online Class

For a long time most of my learning was via books, diagrams and instructions. But when I began beadweaving I discovered all the video tutorials out there. There’s no doubt if you combine book learning with actually seeing how something is done you can really expand your knowledge.

I find the best way to deal with online videos is to first watch it all the way through. You can’t get all the information in one fell swoop. Or at least it doesn’t work for me. My brain does an overview and then it can work on details! Continue reading “Craftsy Right Angle Weave Online Class”