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Sara Impey

Process by Sara Impey

Process by Sara Impey

Many years ago my quilt ‘Summer Haze aka Volcanic Pizza’ was shown at Alexandria Palace in London, UK. My mother and I looked through the catalogue and noticed a familiar name. Sara Impey’s family lived in the area close to my mother’s house. When I went to the exhibition opening I sought out Sara and we remained in touch ever since. Her quilts have lain on my mother’s living room floor while we discussed the design and content. Sara’s work was shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In fact, they have been shown all over the world.

Over time Sara made textile art based on personal issues and social concerns. She made a name for herself with these text based quilts and eventually Batsford publishers asked her if she would consider basing a book on her work. For a while she resisted. She is well aware of the time and effort involved in authoring a book – she was a Times journalist and has first hand knowledge of the publishing world. In the end though, she decided to work on the book.

The book is now published: