Butterflies, Birds and Lollipops – YLI 100wt silk thread Applique travel set by Jeanne Sullivan

I do love these YLI collections. First of all, you save money over buying each of these spools individually. Secondly, the colours are so pretty it’s almost worth making a quilt to match!

YLI 100wt silk thread Butterflies, Birds and Lollipops - Applique travel set by Jeanne Sullivan 202-10-JS3

Butterflies, Birds and Lollipops, applique travel set JS3 containing 7 @ 2oo meter spools in scrumptious colours chosen by Jeanne Sullivan:

  • 216 Bright Orange
  • 229 Medium Butter
  • 245 Lime
  • 250 Turquoise
  • 243 Light Purple
  • 248 Magenta
  • 220 Grass Green