Hedy Campbell – 2 ISLANDS – Life in Paradise Exhibition

Cheez Whiz
Cheez Whiz

More than 20 years ago I lived on an island in the Caribbean. Last weekend these islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma. Barbuda was where my now husband taught me to snorkel. We sprayed Cheez Whiz into the water. Yes, weird I know but it attracts fish.

I met and married David in Antigua. While we still lived there we went through several major Hurricanes and watched the destruction of property and the appalling looting which took place in the aftermath. Always makes me sad to think we harbour such revolting characteristics in our nature. Fortunately there are also those who don’t descend into depravity. There are people who put their best foot forward and help to re-built homes, infrastructure, and lives, and thank goodness they exist. David and I spent a very long 3 days in our neighbours house waiting for Hurricane Luis to move off the island. We married shortly after as we felt we needed a party! People were so generous, offering Harmony Hall for our wedding and reception.

Harmony Hall, Brown's Bay, Antigua, West Indies
Harmony Hall, Brown’s Bay, Antigua, West Indies

Hedy Campbell and I became friends while we lived there. She taught me much about art and life, though she may not know it. We both exhibited at Harmony Hall. They have an excellent Art Gallery. In fact, I had my very first solo exhibition there which is an incredible memory. I sold all but one of my paintings during my reception which was gratifying.

Textile artwork by Hedy Campbell
Textile artwork by Hedy Campbell

Hedy still vacations in Antigua every year. I haven’t been back since I married. However, Hedy and I keep in touch. We both continue our art careers and like to follow each other’s progress and change. Hedy’s work still reflects the warmth and Caribbean style she developed. Above is a picture of the sweetest textile piece incorporating a tiny Caribbean coloured sweater!

Dancing Rasta by Hedy Campbell
Dancing Rasta by Hedy Campbell

Recently Hedy sent me an Artscene article from the Prince Edward Arts Council. A terrific write up on her exhibition at the John M Parrott gallery in Belleville, Canada. I’m always charmed with images of her work and the picture they chose to represent her show doesn’t disappoint. A lovely Dancing Rasta floats across the canvas. Hedy tells me she intends wearing the same outfit when she gives her artist talk.

Love it.

Hedy works from her studio in Picton, Ontario – Rose Cottage Studio and Gifts. She has a delightful colouring book available – An Artist’s Garden.

An Artist's Garden, colouring book by Hedy Campbell
An Artist’s Garden, colouring book by Hedy Campbell

Exhibition of Quilts by Libby Lehman at the National Quilt Museum

When I began quilting erm……. many years ago, Libby Lehman was one of my heroes. I loved her ribbon quilts and even went so far as to experiment with her technique in my April Journal Page. Not nearly as clever as her artwork but an interesting concept I wanted to try.

As the Quilt Museum remarks – her quilts are based on spatial illusions which I am very fond of and am trying out in my Anamorphic quilts. Mine are more trick the eye illusions whereas Libby’s work is 3-dimensional. But we both love fooling the viewers perceptions.

Sadly, Libby suffered a devastating aneurysm and stroke which she is still recovering from and I am delighted the Quilt Museum are honouring her work with this lovely exhibition entitled ‘Joy’. The exhibition is on until October 17th, 2017.

Escapade by Libby Lehman
Escapade by Libby Lehman


Update on window display at the Justice Center, Portland, Oregon

Window display at the Justice Center, Portland, Oregon

We did a quick drive by last weekend to see the window display at the Justice Center in downtown Portland. Other than the billion police cars surrounding the Center, parked in every conceivable spot (quite glad really, the contents of our display were properly guarded!) – it was a terrific show. People were actually stopping and looking in the window. I took some fast shots which didn’t come out very well, I hadn’t taken into account the bad glare and reflections. Oh well, you get the idea……

Royal Crustacean Cellini spiral necklace displayed at the Justice Center, Portland, Oregon

In amongst all the other yummy work is my Royal Crustacean Cellini Spiral.

Summertime Donut necklace displayed at the Justice Center, Portland, Oregon

A better shot of the Summertime Donut necklace.

Summertime Donut necklace at the Justice Center, Portland, Oregon

And again, in with baskets, scarves etc.

There are 60 feet of display area – a lot of very nice items to see.

Safety Harbor City Galleries – library exhibition

Safety Harbor City Galleries

There is no doubt jewelry needs to be seen in person. And tried on, and examined minutely. Though photographs can be very descriptive, there is no substitute for the real thing. My beadwork is on exhibition at the Safety Harbor library until the end of June 2014. You can see it, and touch it, and try it on. And if you like it, you can buy it. Well, some of it. A couple of pieces have already sold – but I take commissions! Just email me – Contact.

Silver Red Dagger Beaded Bead Necklace on exhibition at the Safety Harbor City Galleries
Silver Red Dagger Beaded Bead Necklace on exhibition at the Safety Harbor City Galleries

Subterranean Spiral exhibiting in ‘Female Voices’

Subterranean Spiral - hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke
Subterranean Spiral – hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

The hybrid quilt Subterranean Spiral is exhibiting in Female Voices: Fiber to inspire body, mind and spirit. The show is being sponsored by the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild, hosted and exhibited at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater and the Octagon Arts Center, Clearwater, Florida – February 22 – April 3, 2013. So you have a few more days to go see.

This is a sample quilt. I really wanted to work out a way to combine quilting and beadwork. It’s a small piece. Only 8 inches by 10 inches. It worked out to my satisfaction, ie. the end result pleased me and inspired me to go further with this idea.

The basic construction is in steps. First, the fractal design. I use Ultra Fractal to create a fractal image which is then printed out on my Epson Stylus Photo printer. In my more adventurous days the cotton fabric would be prepared, cut to size and ironed onto freezer paper. Things have gotten lazy around here and EQ prepared sheets of cotton came into the picture. Time saved and end result the same.

Then the quilt is sandwiched and hand quilted. I absolutely love my collection of variegated quilting cottons. Collected over many years. There’s always a suitable colour for each quilt. And I love defining shapes and lines on the fabric. It’s another level of design.

Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment
Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment

Thirdly, the beadwork embellishment. Which is easy in this case as many of the fractal parts are circular and lent themselves to circular components.

And voila, a cross over piece of textile beadwork.

Am working on another one already.