Nancy Cain – shaped peyote beads

Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote

I finally got around to buying this online video from – Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote with Nancy Cain. I never watched videos when learning to quilt but I find them very useful while learning to bead.

Nancy does a nice job of showing how to make a variety of beaded bead components. And then she explains step-by-step ways to put them together in wearable jewelry. Plus she talks about color and why she uses certain colors and when she wears them.

The sound is clear and Nancy explains what she is doing – it actually makes sense! And the video quality is excellent. You can see everything Nancy is doing. You can stop and pause the video while you work along. Very nice.

Screen shot of Nancy Cain - shaped peyote beads
Screen shot of Nancy Cain – shaped peyote beads

If you have a question you can click on the Ask A Question button and type it in. Nancy will get back to you as soon as she can. It’s worth reading other peoples questions too as you can pick up some extra tips.

There are 8 lessons.

Lesson 1: Shaped Peyote Basics.
Lesson 2: Creating Walls.
Lesson 3: Embellishing.
Lesson 4: Making a square.
Lesson 5: Creating a bracelet.
Lesson 6: Triangular variations.
Lesson 7: Design variations (I particularly liked this lesson as you can make what you have learned into something special rather than copying exactly).
Lesson 8: Bonus Flat Peyote stitch essentials.

You can bookmark and make notes on places you want to go back to over and over again.

Personally I may not make any of these pieces but I will definitely incorporate some of the techniques and suggestions.

The one thing I find a bit irritating about these online classes is: what happens if you can’t get online? I prefer to have these videos on my computer, available whenever I want them.

But then of course, what happens when your computer crashes? You might have lost the video forever! So there are pros and cons.

However, you can’t always afford, or find the time, or physically get to a class given by Nancy Cain. So to have her talk you through some projects and ideas about peyote stitch on video is the next best thing, and seriously worth the money.

After all, you can’t pause, rewind or ask for a repeat over and over again when you take a class in person……