Bead Soup Blog Party 8 – What I Made

These pieces are designed for the 2014 Bead Soup Blog Party 8 organised by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. The reveal day is here. And these are the 2 pieces I created around the bead soup sent by Sally Russick.

Stone Tile Superduo Clasp Bracelet

Sally sent a ceramic decorative ring made by Jenny Davies-Reazor and I made it the focal of this bracelet.

The bracelet includes a tube of SuperDuo two hole beads in a really pretty stone colour, I used all of them except one! The spotted tile beads came from the stash I won from a Bead & Button magazine competition. Using peyote stitch I incorporated some brown size 8/0 picasso seed beads to make the bracelet strip. The toggle is made with the last 6 tile beads. Seriously – there are none left!

This is what it looks like laid out flat:

Flat view of Stone Tile Superduo Clasp Bracelet

Here are views from the back and top:

Back view of Stone Tile Superduo Clasp Bracelet

Top view of Stone Tile Superduo Clasp Bracelet

Close-up of Stone Tile Superduo Clasp Bracelet claspAnd a close-up of the clasp.









The bracelet is 8″ long from the tip of the toggle to the clasp, and is 1″ wide. It fits a wrist diameter of just over 7″.

She also sent a Swarovski crystal and sterling silver clasp and these shiny bronze coloured dagger beads. So I found a range of silver seed beads in different sizes and some Czech fire polish crystals and made a cubic right angle weave beaded bead necklace.

Silver and red dagger beaded bead necklace - cubic right angle weave bead stitch, made with seed beads, daggers and crystals

The necklace is designed around this Swarovski crystal and sterling silver clasp.

You can see the cubic right angle weave chain which is made with a spiral pattern of gunmetal and silver size 15/0 seed beads.

Silver and red dagger beaded bead necklace - closeup of Swarovski crystal and sterling silver clasp

Here’s a closeup of the crystals in the beaded chain.

Silver and red dagger beaded bead necklace - close up of chain

The beaded bead is made with six sections of embellished cubic right angle weave joined with dagger beads.

Silver and red dagger beaded bead necklace - close up of beaded bead

Extremely fiddly to make but worth the effort.

The necklace is 25″ long.

Go and see what Sally made out of the bead soup I sent her – The Studio Sublime.

To see more work from the many jewelry artists who joined in go to this list – Bead Soup Blog Party 8 participants.

And for fun, go see what we made for last year’s party.

41 thoughts on “Bead Soup Blog Party 8 – What I Made

  1. zen

    Your work is amazing! πŸ™‚ I’m actually organising a mass bead soup where all the crafters get the same set of beads πŸ™‚ i think it ll be really cool too see what 10s or even 100s of people make with the same beads! planning to send out the beads 2 aug with designs revealed end aug. Would be cool if u d like to take part (details on πŸ™‚

  2. kepi rasmussen

    As I scrolled through I thought was a beautiful bracelet but then OMG the necklace just stunning. I am in total awe.

  3. Lee

    Oh wow! I am a bracelet freak! That one is so beautiful! I love it! But, your necklace is absolutely stunning! It’s a beauty. Beautiful work.

  4. Penny

    Wow Rose your bead work leaves me breathless! I love how you’ve used that gorgeous earthy focal. Super duos just stitch together so gorgeously don’t they? Makes for a wonderful supple piece i. Such gorgeous colours. I need me so e of those Picasso finishes! I’ve been a little bit (shuffles feet embarrassedly) scared of craw so I am always in awe of anyone who can use that stitch as adeptly as you. What a gorgeous, spangly piece your necklace is and such a jaw-dropping focal. Perfect for that beautiful clasp. Please come round my house and nag me into learning craw!

  5. Silvia

    You produced some pretty amazing pieces…love the toggle/focal in the bracelet, it is gorgeous, and the necklace is breathtaking – you designed a very original and elegant focal and the whole necklace is just perfect. Awesome.

  6. Kelly

    I’m with Lori – these blow my mind. The three dimensional feel of the necklace is so very cool & creative. The bracelet is a stunner. I would want to wear that every day if it were mine. Great colors and workmanship. I’m in awe of that piece.

  7. Regina

    Wow! what gorgeous work. The bracelet is absolutely lovely. Love the work and the colors of the necklace too. See that you are from Tampa, my stomping grounds too!

  8. Kumi Fisher

    I’m typing this while my jaw is still on the ground…the bracelet is one of the most impressive creations I’ve come across this year! I love it! Wow you are an amazing bead worker! Amazing artist!

  9. Sally Russick

    Your beadwork is exquisite! Oh those superduos, I love the pattern and they compliment the rather clever toggle and clasp perfectly.
    The necklace is gorgeous with all the bright pops of colors but the focal “cube” is AMAZING!! I love geometric beadwork! Thank you for being a wonderful partner.

    *I apologize for being late commenting, I was away for Mother’s Day weekend and didn’t have internet access.

  10. Bobbie

    Oh, oh, OH!!! I really love the way you’ve incorporated the shaped seed beads, particularly in the bracelet. Your necklace has inspired me to try (again) to conquer CRAW. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  11. Lori Anderson

    These blow my everloving mind. Seed beaders are truly a fantastic lot! I LOVE how well the super duos go with the clasp, and the Swarovski clasp she sent, with that focal? WOAH. That should be worn by Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games, so fiery!

    Your photos are also EXCELLENT. You should consider dropping a line in the Bead Soup Cafe on how you accomplish that, with natural or studio light. Very impressed.

    Thank you so much for participating!

  12. Tammy Adams

    Holy wow! The words stunning and gorgeous come to mind. Having made a seed bead woven bracelet once in my life, I can only imagine the hours of work that went into these. I especially love how you incorporated the focal into the bracelet.

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