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Updated website for Rushbrooke Strand

Rushbrooke Strand

Rushbrooke Strand

After many hours of coding I’ve finally got the new website up. Google has been bugging me for months to update for mobile devices. I hate learning to navigate a website all over again so really wish I didn’t have to do this, but the world changes, technology faster than most things, and I have to keep up. Sigh.

Anyhow, it’s here now – Rushbrooke Strand.

Why I Avoid Art Competitions

I do my best to avoid art contests, competitions etc. Specially when you are asked to ‘pay to play’. It’s a real bad deal for artists. This article explains why. Thank you Maki Naro for writing this post on the Popular Science website.

It’s the same as a local restaurant offering to show work. Who wants their work in a food infested area? And are your clients really going to slurp their delicious meal, look up and go – ‘oooh look! I must find out who created that amazing piece of artwork and then actually follow up and buy it.’ I don’t think so.

Just another way to get free artwork.

PAY US FOR OUR WORK. Many of us have at least as much training as a plumber and would like to earn some of it back.

BeadCrate subscription

BeadCrate subscription

BeadCrate subscription

This looks kinda interesting? A box of beads, all a big surprise, each month, from BeadCrate. Personally I think this is a rather neat way to spark inspiration. And of course, add to your already vast stash. You get 2 options, a small or big box. And if you don’t want to subscribe then you can get only one box. The thing which caught my eye – they offer Toho seed beads as part of the box and they are my favorite seed beads.

Once In A Blue Moon – fractal quilt

Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Once In A Blue Moon – more symbolism than I usually employ.

Each full Moon in a season has a name. eg. in April it is Pink, in May it is Flower, and Strawberry in June. There are usually 3 full moons in a season. If another full Moon appears during the quarter it is called the Blue Moon. Since these occur about once every three years this gives rise to the idiom ‘once in a blue moon’. Or in other words, a rare occurrence.

This quilt is made with various shades of blue fabric stitched onto an orange ‘cheddar’ background. In the quilt world the name ‘cheddar’ came from a shade of yellow resembling the color of cheese. The moon is often depicted as made of cheese.

Detail 1 of Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

I wanted my husband to be part of this quilt. He is a fly fishermen and anglers consult the ‘Solunar Theory’ – or fishing by moon phase, to pick a good moment to catch the most fish. Hence a single carved fish is attached to the quilt bringing together a rare occurrence, and the moon.

The quilt is hand stitched and is made with cotton fabrics. 18″w x 30″h.