Mettler fine embroidery silk finish cotton thread

Mettler cotton thread for fine embroidery 60 weight 2 ply 875 yards 800 meters 9248-0322 Rain CloudA new colour in the large spools of Mettler 60wt silk finish cotton thread – Rain Cloud.

Tillamook County Quilt Trail, Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook County Quilt Trail

Tillamook County Quilt Trail

Several month ago we drove out to Tillamook. Mainly to see the Tillamook Dairy! But we kept seeing painted wooden quilt blocks on the sides of buildings. Which prompted me to do a little research. And I found a whole website dedicated to these blocks.

The Tillamook County Quilt Trail began back in 2009 and continued to add blocks to the trail. You can get a map and properly follow the trail. Or, like us, you can be pleasantly surprised to see a block just as you turn a corner. The picture above shows a quilt block on the side of Barker Farm.

National Beading Week in the UK

National Beading Week UKIt’s the first ever National Beading week in the UK, starting on Saturday, July 25th to August 2nd.

Jean Power is offering a secret bead along project. If you want to join in, sign up for her newsletter and you can get the pattern for free.

In June I bought some interesting rivolis at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. And I’m using some equally interesting bead colours from my stash to go with them, so I am curious how this will all turn out. At the last count she had over 4000 people signed up to work on the project, along with a Facebook page to show how everyone is doing.

Very exciting – I’m there! Are you?

Spagetti 12wt 400 meters

Fun Orange WonderFil Spagetti solid color thread - 100% Egyptian cotton 12wt 400 meter spool SPS02Golden Yellow WonderFil Spagetti solid color thread - 100% Egyptian cotton 12wt 400 meter spool SPS03Turquoise WonderFil Spagetti solid color thread - 100% Egyptian cotton 12wt 400 meter spool SPS05Magenta WonderFil Spagetti solid color thread - 100% Egyptian cotton 12wt 400 meter spool SPS08

Try this 12wt cotton thread from WonderFil. It’s a heavy thread and works well as a top layer in your machine quilting lines. Here are Spagetti spools in Fun Orange, Golden Yellow, Turquoise, and Magenta.

Row by Row experience™

Row by Row experience

Row by Row experience

How could I have missed this? I was talking to a quilt acquaintance and she mentioned this twist on a shop hop. Sounds like a good thing to get into during the summer months. Here’s the basic blurb:

Row by Row Experience™ began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State. In 2012 the event grew to include 62 participating shops. Pennsylvania came on board in 2013 for a total of 138 shops throughout the two states.

In 2014 over 1250 quilt shops participated in 34 states and Ontario.

All 50 states and several more Canadian provinces are planning fun for travelers throughout the summer. Although the quilt shops are organized by area, quilters have no borders.

Travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from any anywhere!”

“Visit any participating quilt shop during the summer and ask for the pattern for a row in the Row by Row H2O quilt. Each shop is offering one pattern at no charge to customers who visit the store between June 21 and September 8, 2015.”

“Complete a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2015 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop to win a stash of 25 fat quarters. (That’s 6-1/4 yards of fabric!) Win a bonus prize for using that store’s row in your quilt. A quilt will be considered “complete” when it is quilted, bound, and labeled.”

“Use any pattern to layout your rows. You decide. Stack your rows, arrange around a center medallion, make them horizontal, vertical, upside down, on the front, on the back, whatever! You are the designer. Be creative and have fun, but be sure to use at least 8 different 2015 rows.”

What a terrific idea. This year – 2015 – the theme is all about water.  Off you go!


The next lot of YLI 50wt silk thread colors

50wt Plum YLI silk thread 100 meter spool #81950wt Stone YLI silk thread 100 meter spool #82750wt Light Taupe YLI silk thread 100 meter spool #829

Well….. at least for a while. We have one or two more coming but this is it for a few weeks. Colors are Plum, Stone, Light Taupe.

1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider

1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider

1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider

A collection of quilt images covering traditional, modern, pictorial, abstract and conceptual designs. More of a ‘leaf through and get some ideas, and be inspired book’, than a ‘here’s how to do it’ book.

From the traditional quilt section.

Inspiration by Brigitte Morgenroth

Inspiration by Brigitte Morgenroth

From the pictorial quilt section.

Landscape by Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix

Landscape by Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix

This is from the abstract and conceptual quilt section. My own work, Neapolitan, a fractal design printed on silk with hand embroidery and quilting.

Neapolitan - fractal art quilt

A section at the end shows some of the author’s quilts.

This book is for a quiet moment of browsing, to see what the quilt world is working on, to get some ideas.

1000 Quilt Inspirations: Colorful and Creative Designs for Traditional, Modern, and Art Quilts, published by Quarry Books in paperback, available from Amazon:

Margie Deeb on Craftsy: Jewelry Design for Bead Artists

Jewelry Design for Bead Artists with Margie Deeb, Craftsy

Jewelry Design for Bead Artists with Margie Deeb, Craftsy

A new class on Craftsy. This is from Margie Deeb and is about Jewelry Design for Bead Artists. I love her books. I think she has a good design foundation and the way she describes design principles with various examples to learn by works for me.

Online Jewelry Making ClassesThis class from Crafsy is for beginners. It contains several hours of high definition video lessons which you can access at any time so you can go over and over sections – making sure you get the picture! AND you can pose questions to Margie in the virtual classroom.




Here’s a shot from the introduction:

Margie Deeb. necklace from Jewelry Design for Artists by Margie Deeb

Margie Deeb. necklace from Jewelry Design for Artists by Margie Deeb

Masterclass 2015: Nancy Cain, Engineering Vessels

So I’m back from the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, WI. Each year I find the whole experience utterly intense. It’s hard for me to go to sleep at night I’m so wired each day.

Nancy Cain is a great teacher. Willing to answer questions, full of useful tips and techniques. Oh boy, I learned many new things and can’t wait to start implementing these ideas. The title doesn’t really describe what we learned – we learned to engineer anything we want! But of course, you have to focus to start with so vessels it is.

Here’s the official description – Engineering Vessels.

Two friends from my old Tampa beading group were there and we sat together at one of the round tables, along with another woman who was confident enough to feel comfortable with three people who already knew each other. Everyone began work on a project – some I could already see the finished item. Mine will come together eventually, just not during the class. Too many calculations required. Plus, I wanted my own stash near at hand.

Peyote was the first stitch I learned, and is probably the first stitch most people learn. If you want to, you can get seriously in depth. Which is what happens when you spent your time focusing on a particular technique.

Meet the Teachers was fun. The 3 of us worked the table, drank a little wine, talked to acquaintances we hadn’t seen for a while, and wandered around looking at other people’s tables.

And of course, the Marketplace was a huge draw. I bought several tubes of beads, some Swarovski rivolis, and picked up the Toho challenge kit for 2015.

I have plenty to keep me busy until next year’s show……..

Pinecone pearl drop earrings

Pinecone dangle earrings made with a freshwater pearl, seed beads, Swarovski crystals, and a Swarovski glass pearl. Brick stitch beadweaving. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.Another pair of pearl drop earrings in pinecone colours. Made with dyed freshwater pearls, seed beads, Swarovski crystals, and a pearl druk. Brick stitch weaving.